The Renovation Generation

#12 Mew Amazing

#12 Mew Amazing

Award winning music composer on adding depth to pop music and staying on message. We travelled to Ho Chi Minh City for episode 12 to grab a coffee with Lê Đức Hùng aka Mew Amazing, have him walk us through composing one of Vietnam's greatest pop hits of 2016 and tell us what he would say to Drake if he ever met him. His big ambition is to put Asian voices on the global billboard charts and wishes he had started doing just that way earlier. Nhạc sĩ đã từng nhận được nhiều giải thưởng nói về việc đưa chiều sâu vào nhạc pop và giữ gìn thông điệp trong âm nhạc. Để ghi âm cho tập 12, chúng tôi bay đến thành phố Hồ Chí Minh để thưởng thức cà phê cùng Lê Đức Hùng, hay còn được biết đến với nghệ danh Mew Amazing. Anh đã chia sẻ với chúng tôi về quá trình sáng tác một trong những bài hit nổi nhất Việt Nam năm 2016 và việc anh sẽ nói gì với Drake nếu hai người gặp nhau. Tham vọng của anh là có thể đưa các giọng ca châu Á lên các bảng xếp hạng thế giới và anh ước gì mình đã bắt đầu sự nghiệp sớm hơn. Links Mew Amazing on Soundcloud Mew Amazing on Facebook Mew Amazing on Instagram Mew Amazing on YouTube Illustration by Nguyễn Hoàng Giang Minh hoạ bởi Nguyễn Hoàng Giang Transcript For full transcript, click "Next" [FULL TRANSCRIPT] This is Vietnam’s Renovation Generation. Sonic portraits of young minds re-shaping the country’s future. For episode twelve we travelled to Ho Chi Minh City to have coffee with pop music composer Lê Đức Hùng better known as Mew Amazing who is wanting to add depth to mainstream tunes and gave us an insight in how a viral hit is made, and why he thinks he would have benefited from stricter parents. My stage name is Mew Amazing. I am 26, that is too old for an artist I think I first connected with Mew, almost 10 years ago when Yahoo 360 blogs were still a thing. I even wrote him letters to express my admiration for his work. He sent me some of his early demo songs and I fell in love with his music. But it wasn’t until he released his first single U Thi a couple of years ago that the wider public took notice of his talent… Sings…. Omg I am so shy, I couldn’t sing the whole song…. It would be so comfortable for me if I am on stage and sing it for you guys, but yeah I released my first EP as a singer songwriter, it’s just a demo song that I put on YouTube and people get to know it and people share it around… His career has gone from strength to strength. He made his first important connection with big players in the music industry on The Voice Vietnam. Though he didn’t make it past the battle round. I was so weird that day, you don’t want to watch! (audio from The Voice video) …one of the judges, Mrs My Linh, my judge, my teacher, my first teacher, she taught me how to sing and stuff, she even brought my song to Bai Hat Viet contest, that is a contest for songwriter. My proudest moment is when I was on that stage giving thanks speech for my mum and my dad and everyone and then I gave my message. I gave a message about diversity in music. (audio from acceptance speech) He won for his hit song…. You might be one of the 40 million listens on zing or 25 million clicks the video has had on YouTube, which helped push it to the top of Vietnam’s streaming services. Chances are you have heard it. We wanted to know how one of the most popular songs of the year came to be. (audio from Thật Bất Ngờ song) This is I think what we are lacking of in Vietnamese music, we just focus on little details on the love story topic and stuff, but I wanted to explore it, wanted to expand it to the big picture, more about the society. So in 2012 he set out to poke fun on the public’s obsession with celebrity news. He researched the biggest scandals of the year and started stringing together stories, like a famous singer hitting his girlfriend in public, news about female celebrities getting plastic surgery or leaked sex tapes of well-known actresses.

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