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The Golden Age of Content in Retail

The Golden Age of Content in Retail

There is more content available to consumers than ever before. Content that stimulates almost all our senses -- streaming video, podcasts, short social clips, blogs and much more. With so many content options, creators have to produce high quality content to be rewarded. And the more that quality content is rewarded, the more incentive there is for brands and creators to elevate the content they are making. My recent guest on the podcast, Triangle Capital Partner, Richard Kestenbaum believes this pattern has us in the golden age of content. Richard is an expert on consumer products, apparel, retail and digital markets, co-author of three books on finance and computer programming as well as a Forbes contributor. I also recently contributed a Forbes article about the creator economy that explored how influencers and content are reshaping retail and the consumer experience. Amway, an unexpected leader, essentially created the influencer economy by working with and launching entrepreneurs—which is really what creator/influencers are.

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