The Realist & The Visionary

The Realist & The Visionary

People label us as

People label us as "conspiracy theorists", but there is no conspiracy there is only the truth. We are a young couple trying to enlighten our peers and striving for righteousness.Follow us on Instagram:

Episodes: 119


Episode 9- The Fight For Reparations

Duration: 45 min

Episode 8- The Awakening

Duration: 44 min

Episode 7- The Illusion of Social Media

Duration: 44 min

Episode 6- The Money Game

Duration: 32 min

Episode 5- Is Abortion Murder?

Duration: 44 min

Episode 4- Domestic Disputes

Duration: 31 min

Episode 3- Gender X-Plain This?

Duration: 46 min

Episode 2-The House Nigga vs The Field Nigga

Duration: 49 min

Episode 1-Who's The Monster, You or R Kelly?

Duration: 38 min

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