Bonus Episode: Martin Scorsese Movies... Ranked!

Bonus Episode: Martin Scorsese Movies... Ranked!

In this BONUS episode, in honor of wrapping up our Martin Scorsese month, we ranked ALL of his movies! Pete caught up on all of his blindspots amongst Marty's 25 feature films and so we figured there was no better way to honor the directing god himself than doing a quick look at his entire filmography! Justin throws in his thoughts on the 14 he has seen when they get mentioned on Pete's list, so that way he feels like he's doing something...Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and RATE us wherever you listen (5 stars are always encouraged!) and follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@TRRMoviePodcast) where you can sound off on how we did with those rankings!We also now have a website! Visit RamblingRamblers.com to access all of our episodes, check out what movies we'll be covering soon, look back at all of our Remake This! casts from the past, and even read our Parting Shots!- - -Hosts: Justin Gott and Pete ConwayIntro/Outro music by John Butler Trio

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