🧡 Big Brands and Fancy People: My trip to eTail East 2019 ✈️

🧡 Big Brands and Fancy People: My trip to eTail East 2019 ✈️

🔥Back in the saddle again....  with a new direction for our little podcast. We were really good at dropping all kinds of knowledge about the merch game, but now we're gonna drop knowledge ALL OVER THE DANG PLACE!!! Spreadshop podcast is now the BYOB Podcast, brought to you by Spreadhop.com. I'll be dropping tips and strategies you can use to help you build your own personal brand or even your own mega brand.  In my first swing at bat, I talk a little about my trip to eTail East 2019, where I was honored to speak on stage about "growth hacking" and building scrappy teams of experts. I could literally talk about this all day, and i did, for 4 whole days at eTail! It was a great time, full of big brands and fancy people. I recorded a piece of my talk to share with you all.  I hope you can use these few tips within your own journey of building your brand. And hey, if you need merch, I know a guy who knows a guy... spreadshop.com 🔥

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