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The “The Band Plays On” Edition

The “The Band Plays On” Edition

Wracked with anxiety and anticipation about what new government will take shape after the elections, Noah seeks solace with the boys of Liquid Plumr, the youthful Shuafat-refugee-camp garage band that was his transition from youth to an adult life in Israel. The boys discuss Zionism, Israel in the 80s, relations between Israeli and American Jews, and how the lives of their youngsters on both sides of the ocean differ from their own. And, they sing a bit. Check out the extra segment. --Six American Kids Move to Jerusalem to Form a Band-- What happened when six American kids on the cusp of adulthood rent a big house on the edge of the Shuafat refugee camp and formed a band? --The Lives We Did and Did Not Live-- Six guys were inseparable as kids; half lived their life out in Israel, half in America. Now they compare notes about how the place they chose for home, affected their lives. --What Was Young Benny Gantz Really Like?-- For our most extremely generous Patreon supporters, we talk with Prof. Alon Tal, the founder of Israel’s environmental movement and a Blue-and-White Knesset candidate, about what a young Benny Gantz was like as his paratroop commander. All this and the music of Liquid Plumr. --Music-- Liquid Plumr! Sentimental Journey Secret Agent Man A Little Hard to See

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