Aaron Roller

The Portion

"The Portion" is a podcast where Aaron Roller, a curious Orthodox Jew, sits down with his brother-in-law, Rabbi Jonathan Bienenfeld, to discuss the portion of the Torah that is read each week by Jews around the world. The conversation is informal and friendly, but not afraid to delve into the wealth of Jewish wisdom and interpretation. Guests may join to offer their takes on the portion as well.

Episodes: 72


Ki Tisa: Worse Than A Slippery Slope

Duration: 26 min

Tetzaveh: Eternal Flame

Duration: 9 min

Trumah: Let's Build Something Together

Duration: 26 min

Mishpatim: What is Justice?

Duration: 23 min

Yitro: Delegation & Revelation

Duration: 30 min

Beshalach: The Circuitous Path to Freedom

Duration: 24 min

Bo: Free & Flexible

Duration: 23 min

Vaera: Age of Miracles

Duration: 28 min

Shemot: The Making of Moshe

Duration: 24 min

Vayechi: Lessons Before Dying

Duration: 29 min

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