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Episode 18: FREDDY VS. JASON (part one)

Episode 18: FREDDY VS. JASON (part one)

For a showdown two decades in the making, we couldn't just do a regular episode. Our breakdown of Freddy vs Jason is divided up into two shows. For part one, Mike, Jerry and guest host Alex DiVincenzo (Broke Horror Fan) look at the turbulent history of trying to get FvJ made. Filled with failed pitches that included child-killer worshiping "Fredheads", "is it a dream or reality?" the Jason of the movies not really being the "real" killer Voorhees and a cult-leader with the most 90s goth-kid name ever of Dominic Necros, the path to get to this idea to screen could have been a movie in and of itself.    Twitter: @podandpendulum gmail: podandthependulum@gmail.com Like what you hear? Please consider leaving us a five star review and comments on iTunes, Stitcher or where ever you get your podcasts. It goes a long way towards new listeners discovering us. 

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