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Lewis Hobba does Drive Radio on TripleJ

Lewis Hobba does Drive Radio on TripleJ

My guest is Lewis Hobba, whom some of you may know as one part of Veronica and Lewis - of the Triple J drivetime show. Lewis is a friend of mine, and the thing I enjoy most about him is his ability to balance his wit and cynicism with being absolute delight.In Lewis’ hands, humour is a sport where offers are returned with increasing abstraction. He is so quick, so innately funny - I love talking to him as much about philosophies as I do trivialities. He is another candidate for someone I know who’s doing what many would consider to be a 'dream job’, so I wanted to find out what got him there and, now that he’s there, the process that allows him to continue mastering his skill in turning out a two-and-half-hour comedy radio show every day. Not surprisingly there is a brilliant mind at work behind the lightness of his humour and although he wouldn’t recommend his own process to anyone, there is a lot to be learned from my conversation with Lewis Hobba.  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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