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Episode 1: In Quarantine

Episode 1:  In Quarantine

In The Owlsteins In Quarantine, the owl family is staying inside their magnificent tree on Mount Hickle Huck Peak during a world wide quarantine. But when brother and sister Olivia and Owen become anxious during lockdown, mother Olympia and father Ollie teach them a new way to relieve stress and stay calm. And that with a loving family, everything will be alright.Created, written, directed and narrated by Stewart St John. Produced by Stewart St John, Michael Plahuta and Todd Fisher. With music by Stewart St John and Michael Plahuta. A Wonkybot Studios Original Production.————————Listen to more episodes of The Owlsteins:https://www.wonkybot.com/the-owlsteins/————————-Listen to more great kids and family shows at:https://www.wonkybot.com/————————-Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on your favorite podcasts, the latest news and special offers from Wonkybot Studios.https://www.wonkybot.com/subscribe/

Duration: 5 min

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