Fr. Peter Heers

Τhe Sunday of the Holy Fathers and the Meaning of Heresy

Τhe Sunday of the Holy Fathers and the Meaning of Heresy

A pernicious and dangerous re-definition of heresy is spreading among theologians and hierarchs which blurs the boundaries of Orthodoxy and heresy and thus blocks the path of return and salvation for many. In this podcast Fr. Peter examines the teaching of the Holy Fathers on heresy, heretics, and the key differences, including, first of all, the therapeutic methodology in the Church, the fruit of which, in every age, are the Saints and Holy Fathers. - - - - 00:29 - Commemorating the Fourth Ecumenical Council01:23 - Father George Metallinos: Successor of the Holy Fathers02:55 - The Epistle of the Apostle Paul to Titus04:17 - Heresy: What does it mean? 05:15 - A blurring of the boundaries06:40 - The True Theologians: The Holy Fathers11:52 - Charlatans, Quack Doctors: The Heretics15:56 - The Great Threat Today: Setting Aside the Patristic Understanding of Heresy17:24 - A Major Error: Using *Ourselves* as the Yard Stick of Orthodoxy18:17 - Compare Rather the Patristic Example and Teaching20:20 - We Must Follow the Holy Fathers in Everything20:53 - The claim that a Heretic is simply one that is Factious is False22:14 - That there is no heresy today: a pillar of the mindset leading to Antichrist- - - - OE is NOW ON PATREON, where you can also sign up for The Orthodox Survival Course: - Welcome VIDEO on New Patreon Page: Link to New Patreon Page: Link to Announcement on OE: - - - -Utilize the Orthodox Ethos Podcast Interactive Transcripts!: --*For all who would like to support The Orthodox Ethos, donations can be made via Paypal at the following link: -- and Subscribe to the OE YOUTUBE CHANNEL: WEBSITE: https://orthodoxethos.comUNCUT MOUNTAIN PRESS (UMP) Website: Facebook: Twitter: Amazon Author Page: Postcards from Greece Podcast: Academia:

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