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REVIEW: Tanna (Guest: Carla Manalo)

REVIEW: Tanna (Guest: Carla Manalo)

NOTE: THIS IS A PREVIEW, NOT THE FULL EPISODE. In this bonus episode of THE ONE-INCH BARRIER, we talk about Australia's official submission to the 89th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film: Martin Butler and Bentley Dean's TANNA. This week's guest is Carla Manalo, a filmmaker currently specializing in color grading. She was also the guest on the episodes discussing NOWHERE IN AFRICA and the films of 2002 and VOLVER A EMPEZAR and the films of 1982. This episode is part of the 2016 retrospective that celebrates the four films that were nominated alongside that year's winner, THE SALESMAN. Find us on the internet! Juan Carlos Ojano: @carlosojano The One-Inch Barrier: @OneInchBarrier Bonus episodes are accessible in full via Patreon for only $4/month. Click here: https://www.patreon.com/TheOneInchBarrier Music Credits Opening: "First Love" - Anthony Partos Ending: "Death Beckons" - Anthony Partos

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