Austin Shinn, Albert Wiltfong, and Zephyr Ash

OPX 5: The Horse in the Hospital

OPX 5: The Horse in the Hospital

Welcome, friends. The Omniplex is open. We aren't normally this heavy on the political side, but the last four years has been tumultuous. Each piece of media produced, whether directly or indirectly, is a product of its time. Now that the horse has officially left the hospital (thank you John Mulaney, for the brilliant and hilarious extended metaphor), we can begin to look at what impact Trump's presidency has had on our film, tv, and music. If media is society holding a mirror up to itself, what we've seen has been very bleak. But in the chaos, we also look for hope and growth at the end of the tunnel. Opening monologue written and performed by Zephyr.   Visit our website at! Like our Facebook page Follow us on Twitter Subscribe, rate, and review wherever you get your podcasts! Podcast Art by Amy Blue (shylostconfused) Up Next: Special Guest! Stay tuned!

Duration: 1 hr 41 min

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