Austin Shinn, Albert Wiltfong, and Zephyr Ash

OPX 4: Mean Green Mother From Outer Space

OPX 4: Mean Green Mother From Outer Space

The Omniplex is open! This week, Austin, Albert, and Zephyr talk the dark comedy musical classic Little Shop of Horrors. Mostly the movie, but we also delve a little into the off-broadway musical, the 1960 Roger Corman original aaaaaaand another version that we bet Zephyr would rather soon forget. Poster art by Eddie Holly. Visit our website at! Like our Facebook page Follow us on Twitter Subscribe, rate, and review wherever you get your podcasts! Podcast Art by Amy Blue (shylostconfused) Word Logo Art by Albert Wiltfong using Marquee font Up next: The Horse has left the Hospital!

Duration: 1 hr 4 min

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