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What to do when someone you love changes their name

What to do when someone you love changes their name

A wonderful client recently asked me if I had ever shared about how to navigate someone else’s name change, I hadn’t yet so I’m rectifying that in today's episode of The Numerology Podcast! No matter what prompts a name change it's a profound and transformational thing to do. It’s not a superficial adjustment. Yet, change can be triggering, when someone close to us does something big we can react negatively. If someone's name change triggers unkindness in you it could be time to allow yourself to express your own beautiful uniqueness and success more! In this episode, you'll learn how a name change can cause healing and transformation for more than just the person choosing to change their name.Hosted by Professional Numerologist Novalee Wilderwww.novaleewilder.comwww.thenumerologypodcast.comRead the book: A Little bit of Numerology@novaleewilder@thenumerologypodcastSupport the show: That's Not How That WorksBlog Series: The Phases of a Name ChangeThe Law of JanteTall Poppy SyndromeSupport the show (

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