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The Phases of a Name Change

The Phases of a Name Change

What happens when we change our name with the help of numerology? The transformation that happens when you leave an inharmonious name behind and get a harmonious name that fully supports your essence = birthday can't be boiled down to just one podcast episode. Yet it can be helpful to know the general patterns and waves of what is going to happen and that you're 'on schedule' in your journey. If you're thinking of changing your name or know someone who is about to do it this episode will help you make sense of this exciting new step.Hosted by Professional Numerologist Novalee Wilder www.novaleewilder.comwww.thenumerologypodcast.comRead the book: A Little bit of Numerology@novaleewilder@thenumerologypodcasthello@novaleewilder.comSupport the show (

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