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Ep. 11: Masterclass in Transforming Ecology with Soil Biology & Mycoremediation (feat. Craig Trester)

Ep. 11: Masterclass in Transforming Ecology with Soil Biology & Mycoremediation (feat. Craig Trester)

On this episode of Mushroom Hour, we have the honor of interviewing Craig Trester of MYC.NYC.   Strap yourself in for a mind-blowing conversation as Craig walks us through a veritable masterclass in soil biology and the soil food web, including the interactions of fungi and other microorganisms. He shares the secrets of working with the passive systems of nature to regenerate our environment through bio-remediation and myco-remediation. The constant theme is that everything starts with the cultivation of healthy, life-rich soil. How does fungi work with other microorganisms to create healthy soil? How can healthy soil kick-start a restoration of its surrounding ecosystem? What are the steps and ingredients in creating healthy soil?   Taking this knowledge into the heart of New York City, we'll see how Craig is inspiring the next generation of young minds with an appreciation of mycology and soil science. We'll journey into creeks full of "black mayonnaise" and witness bio-remediation in practice and how the restoration of healthy soils really can restore an urban environment.     The knowledge expounded in this interview is like a blueprint for tangible, positive change. The best tool we can give the next generations inheriting the Earth is this compendium of knowledge that can restore our natural ecology and, in so doing, change our social ecology with a shift from a scarcity mindset to a mindset of abundance.  Thanks for listening and Mush Love! Directed, Recorded, Produced by: Mushroom Hour(@welcome_to_mushroom_hour) Music by: Ancient Baby  Art by: Wyn Di Stefano Episode Resources   Craig Trester IG:   New York Mycological Society:  Youtube - Professor Dave Explains:  Books Adding Biology - For Soil and Hydroponic Systems (Elaine Ingham & Carol Ann Rollins):  Teaming with Fungi (Jeff Lowenfels):  Teaming with Microbes (Jeff Lowenfels):  Teaming with Nutrients (Jeff Lowenfels):  Oxford Press: Very Short Introductions:    Microbia (Eugenia Bone):  Mycophilia (Eugenia Bone):  Mycorrhizal Planet (Michael Phillips):   Mycorrhizal Symbiosis:

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