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Ep 111 // Calisthenics in Youth Sport [Guests - Athletic Evolution Podcast]

Ep 111 // Calisthenics in Youth Sport [Guests - Athletic Evolution Podcast]

This week, we're discussing the hot topic or calisthenics in Youth Sport and whether it can provide a better vehicle for young aspiring athletes than what they're currently doing. We've been asked multiple times about our views on using calisthenics in youth sport and with young athletes, and this week we got the chance to share our thoughts and ideas as guests on the Athletic Evolution Podcast. The host, Rob Anderson, has been on our workshops and is part of the Scottish Rugby network that hosted us for a seminar with their coaching and support staff last year. We use the context of rugby throughout the podcast as an example but we believe the principles discussed can be relevant to any sports young athletes are taking part in. If you're involved in youth sport or work with young athletes, we'd love to hear from you. We've had a number of requests for a 'schools programme' or a 'calisthenics for youth' workshop which we'd be very excited to explore. But for now, sit back relax and enjoy this week's podcast!

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