Sarah Bones & Lauren Willis

Surviving vs. Thriving (Making it a Fun, Successful Summer)

Surviving vs. Thriving (Making it a Fun, Successful Summer)

Jun. 7th, 2021 -  In this episode, the ladies are all talking about SURVIVING vs. THRIVING, in life, parenting & especially summer break! They dive into a few funny convos off the cuff that involve 911 dispatchers and game show TV (you know how that goes!) The ladies then share a few tips on how to make this summer a thriving success for your family. So you’re not just in survival mode each day. They offer ideas on how to manage expectations of summer and really make it memorable. Summer is an exhausting but special time as a family. They encourage the listener to not compare yourself to others, stop sweating the small stuff & find a routine that works for you. They close with their hits and misses of the week; Lauren sharing that Disneyland has opened to out-of-state visitors and is so excited. Sarah shares her miss regarding her daughter’s dance schedule for next year and it’s just an all-around fun chat! EP SPONSORS & RESOURCES: + Ritual - Visit for 10% off during your first 3 months + Pogo Pass,, use code MOMVOICE for 20% off + Shop the Show at Follow the girls on IG/TikTok @themomvoicepodcast Thanks so much for tuning in - make sure to SUBSCRIBE, we’re back next Monday! xo

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