Sarah Bones & Lauren Willis

Making Mom Friends (w/ Nina from Mama Knows Podcast)

Making Mom Friends (w/ Nina from Mama Knows Podcast)

June 13th, 2022 – In this week’s episode, Lauren and Sarah sit down with Nina from the Mom Knows podcast. Nina is an amazing woman & mother who has a top parenting podcast all about motherhood too. The women discuss why friendship is so important in their lives. They share stories of how they’ve each developed their “mom friends” over the years and encourage the listener with some ideas to help them develop their friendship too. Sometimes it can be a struggle to make time for socializing and the idea of putting yourself out there can be intimidating.  But the ladies share the priority and value that friendship brings to their lives and how it can make life & motherhood that much more enjoyable! The three of them have a lot of fun in this care free but important conversation. Find Nina on her podcast, Mama Knows each Tuesday & on IG/TikTok @balkanina EP SPONSORS & RESOURCES: Walli Phone Cases // // enter code MOMVOICE at checkout for 15% your total order! Thanks so much for tuning in – make sure to FOLLOW THE PODCAST wherever you listen, we’re back every week with fresh content just for you!  Find us and follow on Instagram @themomvoicepodcast 

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