The MSP Podcast #44: Matt Pranka of X-Ray Alpha LLC

The MSP Podcast #44: Matt Pranka of X-Ray Alpha LLC

Today we do an entire hour of "Get It Off Your Chest" with Matt Pranka. Matt recently retired from a high level Army Special Operations Unit (Read into that as much as you want), a USPSA Grand Master, and the owner of X-Ray Alpha LLC Training Company. Recently Matt has been posing questions on his IG page that have shaken up the status quo in the areas of Tactics, Training, and Competition. So I decided to have him come back on the show and elaborate on those thoughts. The next hour may hurt some feelings but that is not the intent. The intent is to start thinking about things from another point of view. A view that has been forged out of accomplishments at the highest level.   Today's Episode is brought to you by: Big Tex Outdoors! jedi13 gets you 13% off!  And PHLster! Jedi10 gets you 10% off! VIKTOS: MSP10 for 10% off Practical Performance: Jedi15 for 15% off Fenix Ammunition: MODERNSAMURAI for 5% off Blue Alpha Gear: For MSP Alumni only; contact us for code Dark Angel Medical, LLC: MSP15 for 15% off Boresight Solutions LLC: Type this link into your browser: Sons of Liberty Gun Works: Jedi10 for 10% off everything Battle Comp Enterprises: msp for 15% off Walther Arms Airsoft Pistol: MSP for 10% off (Airsoft Pistols Only!) ATR Targets.: ModernSamuraiProjectFB for 5% off Visiblue: MSP15 for 15% off on off-duty and plain clothes Flatline Fiber Co.: MSP 10 for 10% off

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