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On the Trail of the Tic Tac | MHP 09.13.21.

On the Trail of the Tic Tac | MHP 09.13.21.

In 2004, the U.S. Navy's Carrier Strike Group 11 was conducting training off the California coast when radar operators began to detect unusual aerial objects nearby. Over the next several days, the objects would be repeatedly observed, culminating in a close encounter between one of the objects and a pair of fighter pilots.  Known today as the "tic tac," the object described by the pilots during the 2004 USS Nimitz incident has become one of the most widely-recognized descriptions of a purported UFO in recent days. However, its appearance in 2004 was not the first time such an object has been described in UFO literature. This week on The Micah Hanks Program, we go on the trail of the tic tac in a search through history for similar descriptions of aerial objects since the end of World War II.  The story doesn't end here... become an X Subscriber and get access to even more weekly content and monthly specials. Enjoy The Micah Hanks Program? Check out Micah's other podcasts here.  Want to advertise/sponsor The Micah Hanks Program? We have partnered with the fine folks at Gumball to handle our advertising/sponsorship requests. If you would like to advertise with The Micah Hanks Program, all you have to do is click the link below to get started: Gumball: Advertise with The Micah Hanks Program Coronavirus Charities If you are able, please consider supporting the following charities that are offering relief for those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Visit our Coronavirus Charities Page to learn more. Show Notes Below are links to stories and other content featured in this episode: NEWS: UFOs in New Mexico THE TIC TAC: ​​'Normalizing' UFOs - retired U.S. Navy pilot recalls Tic Tac encounter Underwood: Navy Pilot Who Took Pentagon UFO Video Doesn't Want Link to Aliens  HISTORIC CASES  Was an Unidentified Flying Object Similar to the USS Nimitz “Tic Tac” Seen in 1944?  Lonnie Zamora incident  1964: 'Flying Saucer' Sighting Reported By Eight Crosby School Students  ANALYSIS: Rare egg-shaped UFO sightings are no 'yolk'  X Subscriber Sign-Up BECOME AN X SUBSCRIBER AND GET EVEN MORE GREAT PODCASTS AND MONTHLY SPECIALS FROM MICAH HANKS. Sign up today and get access to the entire back catalog of The Micah Hanks Program, as well as “classic” episodes of The Gralien Report Podcast, weekly “additional editions” of the subscriber-only X Podcast, the monthly Enigmas specials, and much more. Like us on Facebook Follow @MicahHanks on Twitter

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