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Incident at Fort Monmouth: Radar UFOs in the Grudge Era | MHP 09.20.22.

Incident at Fort Monmouth: Radar UFOs in the Grudge Era | MHP 09.20.22.

In September 1951, a radar facility along the New Jersey coast began to detect fast moving, unidentified aircraft traveling at high altitudes. Less than a half hour later, a pair of military aircraft flying nearby observed an odd, disc-shaped object which, after they began chasing it, quickly evaded them and flew out to sea.  The incident at Fort Monmouth was dismissed by the U.S. Air Force's Project Grudge, the immediate predecessor to Project Blue Book, as having been due to operator error on part of the staff at the radar facility, and a balloon observed by the two pilots. However, a deeper investigation reveals otherwise about a case that, ultimately, caused a "system reset" for the USAF's UFO investigations. We look at this controversial case, and its historical implications in UFO studies, on this episode of The Micah Hanks Program. The story doesn't end here... become an X Subscriber and get access to even more weekly content and monthly specials. Enjoy The Micah Hanks Program? Check out Micah's other podcasts here.  Want to advertise/sponsor The Micah Hanks Program? We have partnered with the fine folks at Gumball to handle our advertising/sponsorship requests. If you would like to advertise with The Micah Hanks Program, all you have to do is click the link below to get started: Gumball: Advertise with The Micah Hanks Program Show Notes Below are links to stories and other content featured in this episode: NEWS: NASA replaces leaky seals on Artemis 1 moon rocket, fueling test next China plans three Moon missions after discovering new lunar mineral that may be a future energy source  ESA - Solar Orbiter solves magnetic switchback mystery  For the First Time, These Incredible New Images of the Sun Reveal Its Mysterious Chromosphere We can find life outside the solar system in 25 years, researcher says BLACK TRIANGLE UFOs: “America’s New Secret Aircraft” Black Triangle UFOs (Wikipedia Overview) Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation BECOME AN X SUBSCRIBER AND GET EVEN MORE GREAT PODCASTS AND MONTHLY SPECIALS FROM MICAH HANKS. Sign up today and get access to the entire back catalog of The Micah Hanks Program, as well as “classic” episodes of The Gralien Report Podcast, weekly “additional editions” of the subscriber-only X Podcast, the monthly Enigmas specials, and much more. Like us on Facebook Follow @MicahHanks on Twitter Keep up with Micah and his work at micahhanks.com.

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