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Ep. 46 - Patty Chang's "Melons (At A Loss)" (1998)

Ep. 46 - Patty Chang's "Melons (At A Loss)" (1998)

The Lonely Palette is currently the podcast-in-residence at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, highlighting five objects from the ongoing exhibition "Women Take the Floor." This week: you know TFW you’re rooted in place in front of a video screen, feeling unbearably uncomfortable yet unable to look away, and questioning everything you thought you knew about femininity, self-nourishment, and a woman’s relationship with her own body? Yeah, Patty Chang’s got you right where she wants you. See the images: https://bit.ly/33DsB4P Music used: Lobo Lobo, “Old Ralley” The Blue Dot Sessions, “Flatlands 3rd,” “Louver,” “Sino de Cobre,” “Dorica Theme,” “The Dustbin,” “We Shall Know Speed” Exhibition site: www.mfa.org/exhibition/women-take-the-floor Support the show: www.patreon.com/lonelypalette

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