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#260 - Let’s Lazy Genius Your Kitchen

#260 - Let’s Lazy Genius Your Kitchen

Last week I shared part one of The Lazy Genius Kitchen where I teach the five steps, and today I want to apply those five steps to a few specific areas of the kitchen, just like I do in part two of the book! Now today, I’m not using any material from part two of the book; I’m not repeating what’s in there. What I am doing is taking specific problems that you all have and applying the five Lazy Genius steps to those problems to see if we can find some solutions.Helpful Companion LinksListen to Episode #259: 5 Steps to Lazy Genius AnythingGet your copy of The Lazy Genius Kitchen (out this week!) Watch The Lazy Genius Kitchen mini seriesDownload a transcript of this episode. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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