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Blind Mike Dares Portnoy to Fire Him

Blind Mike Dares Portnoy to Fire Him

The Kirk Minihane Show is back from the holiday break and the first order of business is to address the terrible best of Steve Robinson put together and, on a similar note, DEC's excellent year in review program. The New Year is young, but already trouble is brewing between the Team Minihane and Team Portnoy, starting with Portnoy and Kmarko letting us know that Blind Mike will not be writing for the Barstool blog (0:31:00). The episode culminates in Mike instructing the Barstool founder to "grow a set of balls and fire me." (0:53:40) An old friend of the show spent the holiday break digging up old tweets from WEEI's Greg Hill (1:07:00). One of the great parody song singer-songwriters starts 2020 with a bang (1:30:35). A hockey reporter gets himself suspended after comments on Barstool's Spittin Chiclets podcast, and Minihane thinks Portnoy might have the right take on NBC's reaction (2:07:31). Romance is in the air between Minihane and the Red Claws (02:55:40). 

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