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Welcome to The Judi Diamond Podcast Show (That's Judi

Welcome to The Judi Diamond Podcast Show (That's Judi "With an i "!) Productions. Find your favorite "squirrel" of podcast series from Judi Diamond. Binge all or pick and choose, just PLEASE subscribe (my mother would be so happy) Thank you! Listen to "Affliction of Addiction: True Stories from the Addicted", where the conversation gets raw (*this series does contain explicit content). If you are in the mood for something lighter, try a five minute "Juice with Judi" (it's what's the Vibe). Get your ear yoga on (seriously we do excercises!) on "Minutes of Mindfulness" or digging into the spirit and other world with Medium Julia Marie. It's believed that once a person has listened to any of the Judi Diamond Podcast shows, they magically become a more engaging and amazing person. (Okay, that part Judi made up but she thinks it's totally real!) SUBSCRIBE dear friend! - Namaste'Well ;) #judidiamond #Thejudidiamondshow #thejudidiamondpodcast#judiwithani #BillyandJudi #iheartradio #podcasts

Episodes: 65

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