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#96: The Housing Supply Myth - Cameron Murray & Ian Mulheirn

#96: The Housing Supply Myth - Cameron Murray & Ian Mulheirn

Cameron Murray is a Research Fellow at the University of Sydney's Henry Halloran Trust. Ian Mulheirn is Executive Director and Chief Economist at the Tony Blair Institute. Show notes Selected links •Follow Cameron Murray: Website | Twitter •Follow Ian Mulheirn: Website | Twitter •Tackling the UK housing crisis: is supply the answer?', 2019 report by Ian Mulheirn •'Innovative Approaches to Reducing the Costs of Home Ownership', 2003 report by Joye and Caplin •'The Australian Housing Supply Myth', 2019 paper by Cameron Murray •'The Geographic Determinants of Housing Supply', paper by Albert Saiz Topics discussed •Why isn't a lack of supply the primary cause of high house prices? 14:40 •The role of interest rates. 18:46 •The tangled web of causality behind house prices. 36:42 •Narratives in housing markets: are they exogenous shocks or post hoc rationalisations? 41:40 •Where did the housing supply narrative come from? 46:41 •How would the UK government prop up its housing market if fundamentals deteriorated? 1:04:52 •Arguments in support of the housing supply myth. 1:05:48 •What makes for an intellectually defensible forecast of house prices? 1:29:17

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