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ICP 93: Dr. Jonathon McPhetres, PhD.- Modifying attitudes about genetically modified foods

ICP 93: Dr. Jonathon McPhetres, PhD.- Modifying attitudes about genetically modified foods

Hello again, and thank you for listening to the podcast that is dedicated to making you healthier and expanding your world view within the realm of Nutrition science, this is The Ian Cramer Podcast and I am your host, Ian Cramer. In this time of the Corona Virus, some of us feel helpless. It feels like we’re stuck inside, we have to isolate, and can’t help people who may need help. If you want to do something, and you don’t have the skills to sew facemasks, you can Donate Blood. Patient with corona virus probably don’t need blood transfusions, but because of what’s happening and people isolating, there is a critical blood shortage. If you haven’t donated before, that’s OK. If you’re a seasoned donator, great! Go to RedCross.org and click on “Give Blood” at the top of the page. It's just a good thing to do, and makes you feel good afterwards. This week, in Episode #93, I am joined by Dr. Jonathon McPhetres, PhD. Jon is a post doctoral research fellow at MIT and the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. A large part of his research as a professor of psychology focuses on science literacy, understanding why some may reject science, skepticism surrounding GMO’s, why people fall for misinformation. In our discussion, we focus on GMO’s. There is a lot of concern and fear surrounding GMO’s, especially within the health and nutrition space. Is this warranted? Are there legitimate harms associated with GMO’s? We start out with what are GMO’s, What are real life examples of GM Foods, the regulatory process and the safety of these foods and How Jon’s perspective has changes on this subject over time. We also cover the study he authored, entitled “Modifying attitudes about modified foods: Increased knowledge leads to more positive attitudes”, and end by talking about why people sometimes reject science. Having found Jon by accident, this was a very pleasant discussion, I really enjoyed it, and learned from Jon’s perspective. I will post links to Jon’s website and his study in the show notes. And without further delay, please enjoy my conversation on Episode #93, with Post Doctoral Fellow and Professor of Psychology, Dr. Jonathan McPhetress. https://neurosciencenews.com/gmo-science-14107/ Would you eat genetically modified food if you understood the science behind it? Link to Study: https://linkinghub.elsevier.com/retrieve/pii/S0272494419301045 Modifying attitudes about modified foods: Increased knowledge leads to more positive attitudes I’m curious about whether you went into this discussion with a position on GMO’s, whether harmful or harmless or perhaps indifferent. And if that position changed? I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Jon, and if you did and you think others around you would benefit from this, tell others around you about it, whether through word of mouth or social media. And make sure to use the hashtag #IanCramerPodcast and/or tag me directly, and I’ll be sure to share your post or retweet it to my audience. I appreciate it.  You can reach out to Jon directly on Twitter @JonMcPhetres, and you can also read his study linked in the show notes. I haven’t mentioned this in a while, but you can get one of a kind Ian Cramer Podcast green and white stickers for your bumper, water bottle or laptop case. I’ve finally gotten around to creating a simple form on my website for you to fill out. Go to https://www.plant-basedcyclist.com/stickers, fill out your info and I’ll send the free stickers in the mail. And as always, you can connect with me on Twitter @IanCramer. And IG at IanMCramer and FB at Ian Cramer. Next episode, we’ll be talking about gut health and announcing a new book on why we should all be eating more fiber. Take care.  

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