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ICP 88: Robby Barbaro and Cyrus Khambatta, PhD- Mastering Diabetes and the role of Sugar and Fat in Insulin Resistance

ICP 88: Robby Barbaro and Cyrus Khambatta, PhD- Mastering Diabetes and the role of Sugar and Fat in Insulin Resistance

Welcome to the Ian Cramer Podcast…where I am interested in speaking with doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine, teaching people about chronic diseases, their etiology and encouraging people to prevent and reverse their chronic diseases with diet and lifestyle factors. In Episode 88, for the second time on the podcast, I am joined by the dynamic duo, Robby Barbaro and Cyrus Khambatta. They are the founders of the Mastering Diabetes approach to diabetes prevention, reversal and regression. It’s a privilege to be sharing with you the announcement of their new book, Mastering Diabetes, The revolutionary method to reverse insulin resistance permanently, in Type 1, 1.5, 2, pre-diabetes and Gestational diabetes.  This book that took 2 years to write has over 800 citations, 30 recipies and a 21-day meal plan for how to execute this program, detailed info on scientific questions on diabetes and insulin resistance. They teach you the science that your doctor never taught you. For the super nerds out there who really want to understand the biology and physiology of various types of diabetes, this is the book for you. For diabetics, the prospect of eating fruit is a game changer! This book teaches you the science of why eating fruit and potatoes and carbohydrate rich food is not only possible, but recommended. They also have a simple green light, yellow light and red light traffic light system that makes it simple to figure out what to eat. Robbie and Cyrus joined me for Episode 52. And if you want a phenomenal 1-2 punch primer and advanced discussion on diabetes, listen to these 2 episodes. In this episode, we start off by speaking about the fundamental differences in the 2 primary diabetes philosophies out there. There’s the “Carbohydrate-centric” philosophy which seeks to limit dietary carbohydrates, then there’s the “Fat-centric’ philosophy that Robbie and Cyrus adhere to which seeks to limit dietary saturated fats and put diabetes patients on a high carbohydrate diet. Crazy to think about, but they are seeing amazing success. And as I said in our first conversation, if you’re skeptical, please keep an open mind, listen to this episode and then form a position after. Robbie and Cyrus are 2 of the most un-imposing characters in this space, they mentioned at the end that they’re not out to argue with people, create enemies, bad-mouth others. They’re mission is to help people and give them information to take control of their health. We move onto the cause of diabetes, defining insulin resistance and trying to elucidate its etiology. And I pose many devil’s advocate questions of my own that I have observed on twitter and the interwebs. I get their thoughts on CGM’s for diabetics and non-diabetics, their thoughts on fasting insulin, and then we go into questions from twitter covering the relationship between BMI and T2D, the effect of Sat. Fats from plants on blood glucose control, MD referrals to the Mastering diabetes program, PB Keto and Adverse events from their high-carb program for diabetics. Without further delay, please enjoy my second conversation, on Episode 88, with Robbie Barbaro and Cyrus Khambatta, PhD. The best way to buy Robby and Cyrus’s book, is to go to https://www.masteringdiabetes.org/book/ They can check out from multiple places, like Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and a couple others. International listeners and buyers can also order it from that link as well. I will put this link in the description as well as the links to follow Robby and Cyrus on Social media. ​Really had a good time speaking with Robby and Cyrus, they explain things and complement each other very well. I’ve created many sharable audiograms for this episode that I post on FB, IG and Twitter. Please share those in the next several weeks, as well as the podcast itself on any social media site. If you find value in my work, you can support my mission on Patreon by contributing on a per-podcast basis, like a magazine subscription. Go to Patreon.com/IanCramerPodcast for more details. If you want to connect, say hello or ask questions, you can find me on Twitter @ IanCramer, FB @Ian Cramer or IG at IanMCramer, Stay healthy, keep eating more plants, stay open minded and stay health.

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