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Culture, Community and Technology

Culture, Community and Technology

Culture, community and tech – where the lines blur Julia Hobsbawm and Georgina Godwin are joined this week by Baroness Martha Lane Fox, Founder and Executive Chair of Doteveryone; Professor Jeremy Bailenson, Founding Director, Stanford University Virtual Human Interaction Lab and Professor Ted Gibson, a Professor of Cognitive Science at MIT. They talk about internet safety, colour in culture, women in technology and virtual reality. For afters, we’ve got Dolly Alderton, journalist, writer and director; Geoff Mulgan of Nesta and Tom Redmayne, Director of Business Development UK at WiredScore on techno-heaven, techno-hell and techno-shabbat. Click here to subscribe on iTunes  Click here to subscribe on Acast Key thinkers discuss both the tech culture and tech in culture ‘We as individuals I think are questioning our relationship with technology, especially when we see it used with children’ ‘If there’s an experience that you wouldn’t do in the real world, not because it was dangerous or because it was expensive, but it was the kind of thing that you would feel bad about yourself, you wouldn’t be able to look yourself in the mirror that night, or you couldn’t hug your spouse, if there’s that kind of experience that just makes you feel gross, then don’t do it in VR.’ ‘When we’re studying psychology, just the human mind and the human brain, we’re so far off from machines being able to generate useful hypotheses yet. I don’t think there’s any example even of that ever happening. The hypotheses come from humans.’ Follow updates on Twitter @technoshabbat #humanandmachine   Click here to subscribe on iTunes  Click here to subscribe on Acast

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