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Discover 3 ways to stay connected to First Priority

Discover 3 ways to stay connected to First Priority

Brad and Steve talk about the 3R's of staying connected to and focused on the ministry of First Priority in America. It is important to be in Relationship with FPoA; we have 3 connection points we like to see happen annually. It is important to Report what God is doing in the club(s) so everyone can celebrate. Utilizing the FPoA Resources is the third R of the model. How crazy is it that every school day in America 59 students come to know Jesus? Very! That happens because we all work together, are intentional, and use the resources to help students reach students in their school. Give this episode a listen to hear the heart behind the 3R's. Brad Schelling is the Director of Ministry Operations at First Priority of America and Steve Cherrico is the Executive Director of First Priority Greater Nashville. 

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