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Podcast by The Honest Wargamer

Episodes: 688


Hobby Hangout whilst we wait for the Winter FAQ

Duration: 1 hr 4 min

40k Hobby Before 2021 gets real!

Duration: 2 hr 18 min

Warhammer Stonks Trading and 40k Smack Talk

Duration: 56 min

Hobby Hangout with Rob (13/1/21)

Duration: 59 min

4DK Adjacent Show (12/1/21)

Duration: 1 hr 1 min

Age of Sigmar: Disciples of Tzeentch Battalions

Duration: 2 hr 34 min

Age of Sigmar Stats Center (11/01/21)

Duration: 58 min

Painting and Chat about Death Guard

Duration: 59 min

Picking A New Army for Breakfast Battles

Duration: 47 min

Smorgancon 3 Age of Sigmar List Review

Duration: 1 hr 3 min

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