Craig Williams and Kevin Hackett

That Time We Talked About Top 3 Kitchen Appliances

That Time We Talked About Top 3 Kitchen Appliances

In this episode Craig and Kevin break down their top 3 appliances in the kitchen.  As part of a larger series that will go room-by-room to discern the top items in that room, it begins with the kitchen.  There are so many appliances to choose from, but if you had to choose only 3, which ones would you choose?  So many appliances we own are matters of convenience, and many of them hardly get used at all, if ever.  That being said, we hope you enjoy this episode as we break down our top 3.  What are yours?   Paul the Plumber - if you are needing a plumber, Paul the Plumber is your man.  Licensed, bonded, and ready to serve you! (832)521-3252 Paul the Plumber Facebook     The Homeowners Show Website The Homeowners Show Facebook Page Instagram @homeownersshow Twitter @HomeownersThe

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