Dominic Perry

142: Wars in the North

142: Wars in the North

Egypt on the offensive. King Tutankhamun's government had to deal with major threats in the north. Instability and regional warfare had spread through Syria and Canaan. To tackle these, pharaoh despatched his most prominent general. Horemheb, representative of the King, led the soldiers of Egypt into battle... Date c.1340 BCE, Support the Show at Patreon, Music by Keith Zizza, Music by Ancient Lyric, Music by Jeffrey Goodman. Hear the trumpets of Tutankhamun on BBC Radio. The History of Egypt Podcast is supported by RA EGYPTIAN, the natural skincare line with products derived from ancient Egypt. Visit and use the checkout code EGYPT to receive a massive 30% discount on your order. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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