Amanda Miles M.D.

The Happy Gynecologist

"The Happy Gynecologist" is a podcast specifically for Burnt-out OB/GYN physicians. As a life coach and practicing OB/GYN, I help OB/GYN's emerge from burnout, stop relying on food and alcohol to cope with stress, and love their lives again.

Episodes: 21


EP#21: Rewriting Your Burnout Story

Duration: 18 min

EP#20: Buffering

Duration: 20 min

EP#19: Scarcity

Duration: 33 min

EP#18: Sprinkle a Little Love on Top

Duration: 19 min

EP#17: Comfort

Duration: 24 min

EP#16: The Manual

Duration: 23 min

EP#15: Guilt or Shame?

Duration: 31 min

EP#14: People Pleasing

Duration: 19 min

EP#13: Where does overwhelm come from?

Duration: 24 min

EP#12: The Secret to Toxic People

Duration: 25 min

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