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Llamas On A Train? | Guests: Kelly Shackelford & Brad Polumbo | 2/28/19

Llamas On A Train? | Guests: Kelly Shackelford & Brad Polumbo | 2/28/19

Hour 1 Every 4 or 8 years the Democrats care about the U.S. Constitution? The Democrats HR8 Gun Bill Threatens to turn Gun Owners into Criminals? Naming the Republicans who didn't stick to their guns? The Left say, they're only 'violating' the Constitution? Stu Masterfully works a R. Kelly Analogy? Glenn prepares for his 12 minutes at CPAC this weekend. Flashback Radio, When Michael Jackson called the Glenn Beck Radio Program? Remembering why we're all glad we don't live in the city of Portland?    Hour 2  Religious fighter, fighting the good fight, Kelly Shackelford joins, to tell us how hateful atheist are offended by a memorial. The 'Bladensburg Memorial' and it's brief history. The Bad Lemon Test on Religion is very dangerous. "When it comes to religious freedom we have five solid Justices"? 'The Politically Homeless Life of a Gay Conservative', with National Reviews Brad Polumbo? LGBT are 'trying to erase' the gay conservative community. Hypocritical Intolerance at it's finest?   Hour 3 Andrew Ross Sorkin, How Credit Cards Are Used to Finance Mass Shootings ...Bank of America and Citigroup credit card Restricting private citizens to purchase fire arms to protect their families? "We are living in surveillancecapitalism times"? HR8 Puff and Stuff? Hate speech transactions and the digital ghetto laws? House pushes through first major gun bill in a generation, backed by Republican, NY-Rep. Peter King? Here come Slave Reparations? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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