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Inauguration Day, 2017 1/20/17

Inauguration Day, 2017 1/20/17

-Eight years ago today and what we've learned-Grief counselors for students on inauguration day??-Brand new set for the radio show -The last legitimate Republican president? -Riaz Patel joins the guys in studio to explain what the left is feeling today -How the left wants to protect us from ourselves -A liberal who hates labels-We survived The Barack Obama presidency!!! -The nine biggest scandals of President Obama-Why the American transfer of power is so special -How parties must keep their presidents honest-A good day for new starts -Meet Donald Trump's beast-Proud day for America -How will Barack Obama be remembered? -Why Obama's popularity has spiked recently -How to hijack a country -The inauguration of Donald J. Trump -A report from the inauguration ceremony in Washington DC -What President Reagan told America's youth in 1981 -Why there aren't shooting ranges in elementary schools -Comparing crowd sizes between 2009 and 2017-Congratulations, President Trump The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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