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10/6/17 - Trump Hits at Something Huge

10/6/17 - Trump Hits at Something Huge

Columbus day this upcoming Monday... NRA to support the new gun regulations... Paddock's girlfriend is willing to help and seems like there is no connection with her and this shooting... The Tonight Show thanks, Hillary Clinton...We may never know the real motive... We need to look more into the people who were involved and not just the objects used... Something is going on with Nancy Pelosi... Could Paddock have waited for his girlfriend to leave the country in order to keep her safe?... Cam Newton in trouble for making a 'sexist; remark... NFL has other issues with their players... Starting to take this into the game rather than outside of it... NFL hurting ratings-wise... CTE is a very serious thing that needs to be talked about... Jeremy Lin is being attacked by other basketball players for wearing dreadlocks... Tax cuts and tax reform...    The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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