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Glenn's Trump Administration Hope 1/18/17

Glenn's Trump Administration Hope 1/18/17

-"Disrupt J20" protester explains how the Trump inauguration will be disrupted Friday -Doc Thompson from the Morning Blaze visits ahead of his trip to DC for the inauguration -The unconventional stylings of Las Vegas-President Obama's endless pardons-The fallacy of 'positive liberties' -A dangerous Obama pardon -Glenn's pardon predictions-Glenn's hope for The Trump Administration-A job description for the office of the presidency -"To the best off my ability" -Article I and the presidency -A treasured piece of history from Ronald Reagan's inauguration -The list of potential Obama pardons -The story behind the pardon of Samuel Mudd -How Google ruins a good Glenn Beck story\-The anatomy of a conspiracy theory-"The Constitution is great, but..." -Defying Hitler and why you shouldn't lose your principles during emergencies-Too little or too much government can lead to dictatorship -Give the power back to Congress with The REINS Act -A guy who wants an Obama pardon calls up -Call Screening 101 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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