Episode #5: Golf fitness

Episode #5: Golf fitness

In Episode #5, we chat with Tori Totlis about: Helping more women find this amazing sport and "de-intimidating" golf The at-home beach body program that helped Tori get fit again and drop 20 pounds How fitness can increase the longevity of your golf game Staying consistent with your workout routines  Signing up with Tori for an 8-week beach body program starting October 26th. More information can be found at Tori's website:   Welcome to the Girlfriends Guide To Golf Podcast where you'll learn the rules of golf in a fun and easy-to-follow podcast.  Each episode will indicate if it is for a Level One or Level Two golfer. These levels aren't necessarily connected to your handicap or scores, but rather your experience with the rules.  If you're a newer golfer, then you'll probably want to listen to the Level One episodes. If you've been playing and competing for a while, and have some experience with the rules of golf, then you'll get the most benefit from listening to the Level Two episodes.      We want to hear from you!  Post your comments, and be sure to follow Girlfriends Guide To Golf on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube! Better yet - join our 

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