Episode #1: Areas of the course, basic golf terms

Episode #1: Areas of the course, basic golf terms

Welcome to the Girlfriends Guide To Golf Podcast where you'll learn the rules of golf in a fun and easy-to-follow podcast.  Each episode will indicate if it is for a Level One or Level Two golfer. These levels aren't necessarily connected to your handicap or scores, but rather your experience with the rules.  If you're a newer golfer, then you'll probably want to listen to the Level One episodes. If you've been playing and competing for a while, and have some experience with the rules of golf, then you'll get the most benefit from listening to the Level Two episodes.    In Episode #1 we cover: Which rules book to purchase The defined areas of the course  Where's the junk? Club-length definition    Please post your comments and questions so we can better serve you! 

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