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GSP #28: Special Songwriting Episode featuring Justin Wertz

GSP #28: Special Songwriting Episode featuring Justin Wertz

Getcha Some Productions Podcast Episode 28 ( A podcast covering all things related to music production: from the first note to the last fan and everything in between.  Our mission is to create music and to inspire others to do the same. Not your typical podcast, each episode is a live business meeting. We are figuring out how to build a media empire (a music production company at least) as we go and listeners come along for the ride.  This is an archive of our progress and/or lack thereof. This podcast is always candid and unrehearsed. In this episode we discuss: How can I get back into song writing? With Justin Wertz. This is a song writing special episode with Justin Wertz. Justin is my long time friend and a fantastic songwriter. He has a bunch of songs that I wish I had written at this point. I believe Justin is going to be a famous songwriter. Justin is a prolific songwriter. I pitch Justin on the idea of doing an interview podcast with him where I just interview him. Justin is talking about how he feels reborn. And he acknowledges that he has been working a lot on songwriting lately. Justin says that he would love to just sit around and write songs all day if he could. Sounds like he’s really getting back into the groove of it. He also loves to just go for a walk and sing ideas into his voice memo app. We talk about songwriting for a while and about process and challenges. We talk about about the songwriter Max Martin and about how he’s written a bunch of songs but are those songs really good? I guess the question remains. I tell Justin that I’m trying to bamboozle him. I talk about how Oliver’s musical genius is the R&D (which is research and development) arm of Getcha Some Productions.  Justin and I were in the band Olver’s Musical Genius in the late 90s when we were in High School.  We were a Jam Band pretty much. Justin mentions that he is a Leo and so he likes it when I propose that he become the songwriting consultant for Getcha Some Productions because he likes to have his ego pumped up with important titles. Justin says that he has a knack for arranging songs. I know that this is true because he always sends me arrangements of songs that he’s written and cover songs as well.  Additionally, pre-pandemic, Justin and I used to have songwriting and arranging sessions where we would help each other with our songs.  Justin has helped me a great deal over the years. So, it’s decided, Justin will be the songwriting consultant for Getcha Some Productions. However, I’m wondering if we should even bother to get into a song tonight on this podcast. Justin says Hell yes. We have to. Get into it. Then I play my song Ruby or Fine for him live on the podcast. Fine or Ruby (Can’t decide on a title at this moment) by Keith Fredrickson A soldier swims through crimson tides unarmed unprepared What brings us new into this world in need of repair? This battlefield is filled with souls sincere and naked A cell is destined to be everything you make it I knew exactly who I was but I wasn't much Now I'm much more but worse and worn I lean on my crutch  When you run through life you can't see that face behind you The future takes, make no mistakes, the race reminds you Home may be far behind me, fine, I finally found her. Won't play the fool I know the rules I'm l  not the founder. Let myself go until I know you cannot trace me. The beautiful soul has arrived who will replace me. ( ( Hero Justin’s notes from that first pass through the song: The intro is long. Not necessarily a bad thing but it is. it’s something to think about. You’re “digging in” you’re making a statement so you have to I understand that choice. I asked him if the intro riff there is even...

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