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GSP #24: The Super Hero Origin Story of Dan, Volume 2

GSP #24: The Super Hero Origin Story of Dan, Volume 2

Getcha Some Productions Podcast Episode 24 ( A podcast covering all things related to music production: from the first note to the last fan and everything in between. Our mission is to create music and to inspire others to do the same. Not your typical podcast, each episode is a live business meeting. We are figuring out how to build a music production company (a media empire) as we go and listeners come along for the ride. This is an archive of our progress or lack thereof. This podcast is always candid and unrehearsed. In this episode we discuss: Episode two of the life story of Dan in music. This is episode two of the musical life story of Dan. Dad had a very short musical update this week. He was surprised to have played through a bass amp that wasn’t his butt that he also liked. This is a big deal because Dan has played through the same rig (so to speak) for 25 years. Dan, during a band practice, played through an Ampeg 1X15 kick back amp which he liked very much. Wedge shaped amplifier. We talk about bass amplifiers and amplifiers in general for a while. For my musical update we talk about how I bought a Boss ME80 multi affects processor. I bought it because I wanted a new guitar toy and also because I lost my Wah Wah pedal and I just wanted to have a Wah Wah pedal to play with. And now that I have a Wah Wah pedal I’ve decided to learn a bunch of/riffs and learned a bunch of the licks and grooves from appetite for destruction. That is a good segue back into the interview with Dan because when we left off last time, Dan was about 11 years old and talking about how he loved Guns N Roses and appetite for destruction and that’s how he got into bass. Back to Dan’s Musical superhero origin story. Dan was in middle school in Newton, MA. when he got his first bass guitar. Dan says that it’s all true, when he started learning music he started hanging out with the wrong types of people and that was his downfall. Jokingly. Maybe half jokingly. Dan dropped out of high school to join and play with a death metal band. His lifestyle is incompatible with high school. It didn’t work for him to be going to high school and then have to travel two towns over to play music with a bunch of 20-year-olds. Who were not in school themselves. Let’s talk about that death metal band. Despondency. ( Shout outs to Aaron Bellamy, Dan McAdam, Ken Burns. The name of the band was despondency. They were somewhat successful. They opened for the band Seath. I famous death metal band. Cookie monster on vocals. Dan was in that death metal band for a bit and then he started getting into little bit of a different stuff since he started listening to things like Allman Brothers, Fishbone, Phish more of a jam band type of thing. Dan was in a few projects with Aaron, he thinks one of the bands was called Bellamy Brothers band. More of a fusion funk jam sort of thing. Dan was a spark student SPARC. Superior potential admissions risk candidate. A very Bard college type of thing if you ask me. Dan was fascinated with live bands at the life surrounding that. We’re moving into the Bard College phase of Dan’s musical journey. Dan was always fascinated with live music. When he was a kid he made a project out of a whole detergent bottle and some toilet paper tubes turned on their side. Glued together to look like a truck where he painted the iron maiden symbol freehand on the side. It was supposed to be their lighting truck. So it just shows that there was something in his mind that was clicked on when it came to music and funnily enough heavy metal. We decide to leave the Bard College stories for the next episode. We do talk about the first band Dan joined at Bard which was called Quartet Pomplemouse which played Prog...

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