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GSP #23: The Super Hero Origin Story of Dan, Volume 1

GSP #23: The Super Hero Origin Story of Dan, Volume 1

Getcha Some Productions Podcast Episode 23 ( A podcast covering all things related to music production: from the first note to the last fan and everything in between. Our mission is to create music and to inspire others to do the same. Not your typical podcast, each episode is a live business meeting. We are figuring out how to build a music production company (a media empire) as we go and listeners come along for the ride. This is an archive of our progress or lack thereof. This podcast is always candid and unrehearsed. In this episode we discuss: Merry Christmas! Yes, we’re that far behind in releasing these episodes. We start off talking about the fact that I did not get what I wanted for Christmas because the prices have gone up too much on But I am going to spend the next couple of weeks and months waiting for the prices to come back down to where they were before Christmas. I believe the gear that I was talking about at the time was either a boss ME80 multi affect processing unit for guitar or the Fulltone Clyde Wah that I’ve been looking at both had gone up substantially in price during Christmas. I did eventually get a better price on the ME80 multi affect processor and did buy it. But that happened in the future which is now the past. Dan got a new case for his new bass guitar which he very much needed. As we’ve been talking about on this podcast for many months now, Dan did get a brand new fender jazz bass but I guess he had no case for it and so now he does. A fancy nice case with white piping around the side. Something that will look nice in his living room. I profess my love for my Roland micro cube again. What else is new? This is the start of a series of podcasts where we focus on Dan. I am referencing concepts by Gary Vaynerchuk that says that CEOs work for their employees actually. It’s not the other way around. CEOs and business owners actually need to take the perspective that they work for their employees. So I give Dan the intro to the concept which is that, since this is my project initially, I need to take the perspective that I work for Dan. Even though Dan is considered a C suite executives of the company, and even though Dan is a part owner of the company I still have to take the perspective that if I want this project to succeed then I need to want Dan to succeed. And if I want Dan to succeed, then I need to have the perspective that I work for Dan and my job is to help Dan succeed in anyway that I can. Dan says probably the most important thing of the whole episode when he starts the dialogue off by saying that he was concerned about even getting into the project with me because we are longtime friends. We are even more like family than anything at this point. But everyone knows the saying that business and family don’t mix or money and blood don’t mix or don’t go into business with your family, yadda yadda yadda. So Dan had and has concerns about the whole project based on that. His main thing is that he wants our friendship to be the main thing and would never want to jeopardize our friendship and so that’s his main concern. So of course, if through the business, I’m upset with him for some reason or he’s upset with me for some reason and then we would be jeopardizing our friendship and that would factor into cost benefit analysis of even doing the show. Dan has many more interesting things to say. He talks about how the things that he’s been successful with in the past are things where he’s partnered with someone who has the executive decision making skills and who are the action takers. He feels like his role in this business would be as someone who would be there to support me and be a counselor to me which is what he’s always been to me in many other situations and over many many years. I think that works very well. I think everything that Dan talked about...

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