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GSP #16: Our Sweet 16! Artists are the heroes of culture

GSP #16: Our Sweet 16!  Artists are the heroes of culture

Getcha Some Productions Podcast Episode 16 ( A podcast covering all things related to music production: from the first note to the last fan and everything in between. Not your typical “how-to” podcast: For a new listeners, each episode is a live business meeting. We are figuring out how to build a music production company (a media empire) as we go and listeners come along for the ride. Every podcast is a business meeting, every business meeting is a podcast. This podcast is (always) candid and unrehearsed. In this episode we discuss: Can you hear me? Yes, can you hear me? This is our 16th episode which is our Sweet 16. Sweet 16, Baby!! Dan, you look beautiful in that dress! Shut up baby I know it. Dan has a weekly musical update that he is feeling isolated musically due to the quarantine. As we all are. Dan is a bass player so he especially is wanting to hook up with other musicians and find a venue to play at. This makes sense I guess because bass is a theoretically a more supportive (supporting role) instrument in music so you want to play with people. You have to jam to something. We must be on some kind of cosmic connection because my (Keith) Weekly update is congruent with what Dan is saying as well. I’m also frustrated by not being able to create music with people. We have finally gotten up to episode 16 and got the show off the ground but now it feels like “now what do we do?” We have a show but we’re supposed to be creating some content besides the show. So what do we do? Elizabeth, my daughter, decided that she likes the song imagine by John Lennon. At first my reaction was that it was very cute and quaint that she decided she likes that song because it’s a song that I’ve heard so many times it’s not really very impressive to me anymore. I guess it’s because it’s so played out now that I’ve become numb to it in a sense. But, if you think back to when you first heard the song, you can sort of remember what he groundbreaking song it is and what a quintessential moment in time it is for a person to hear that song for the first time because it is so perfect in some ways it’s so quintessential. Dan is a bit hilarious when he says or rather when he asks the question you mean somebody wrote that song? I guess I just thought it always existed. Imagine is not a song, it’s the definition of a song. Revisiting the song touched me in a way. You can’t overstate how important John Lennon is (and the Beatles generally) to music. But you also almost can’t overstate how important they have been to culture in general to human culture in general. This made me start thinking about what the value of art is in general. Our vision for this company is to tap the unlimited creative potential of the human mind. This is very broad and abstract of course. We have the power as individuals and as a team to create some kind of artistic expression. Our artistic expression of course is music. So we have the power to do that but through this podcast we have the power to empower others. We have the power to inspire others and that is really important. John Lennon and the role of the artist in the world. This may be our most important podcast so far because this is the podcast where we’re saying OK now that we’ve gotten this podcast off the ground we are now officially starting to do what we said we were going to do the whole time. Which is, create music and inspires inspire others to do the same. We need to live to our mission statement to create constantly whether it’s individually or together. Artists are the heroes of culture. What we are doing here is important. Of course it’s fine of course it makes us feel good. But that’s not so important today as what we’re focusing on right now which is that it’s important to do this work. It is important to make art. A message to all of our listeners, what you are...

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