Keith Fredrickson and Daniel Kutcher

GSP #13: Here are all the things we might discuss on this podcast

GSP #13: Here are all the things we might discuss on this podcast

Getcha Some Productions Podcast Episode 13 ( A podcast covering all things related to music production: from the first note to the last fan and everything in between. Not your typical “how-to” podcast: For a new listeners, each episode is a live business meeting. We are figuring out how to build a music production company (a media empire) as we go and listeners come along for the ride. Every podcast is a business meeting, every business meeting is a podcast. This podcast is (always) candid and unrehearsed. In this episode we discuss: Lucky 13! Word to the mutha!! How the hell are we gonna come up with something to talk about every week on this podcast? What is the format of this podcast? This is just a huge list of things that we can talk about each week so we don’t run out of ideas! First we restate what the purpose of the podcast is again! This is our audience’s opportunity to tune in and listen while we build a media empire from the ground up. This is episode 13 so we are just getting started and really don’t know what we’re doing yet. We spend a little bit of time talking about how I (Keith) want to write a song called Cannonball Adderall. My idea was to have a song or maybe an entire band where I’m playing a fusion style guitar but with that fluid melodicism that Cannonball Adderley has. I compare Cannonball Adderley to a robotic hummingbird or a laser beam hummingbird or something. Because he’s very dodgy. He’s in and out. While I was thinking about this song a few weeks ago, Dan and I had a conversation and Dan brought up Adderall. And that reminded me about wanting to write that song called Cannonball Adderall. So then of course we agreed that we had to write this song. This is pretty much the point of the podcast. Its purpose is to bring us together and make us be more creative. Then we talked a little bit about the process of composing a song with Cannonball Adderley in mind. So I was saying that, since he’s more in the R&B jazz (Post Bop or Hard Bop) sort of thing (which is very steeped in the blues) I decided that it was gonna be based on mixolydian. Don’t forget, the second part of it is Adderall so we have to add The Adderall component in. So I was saying that it should be up-tempo and perhaps slightly frenetic in its energy. This is just the beginning. But the wheels are turning. And, to restate it, again, this is what this podcast is about it’s about creating content. It’s about writing music. Episode Ideas/Themes: Structured Brainstorming - The whole point of the podcast is to make public our creative endeavors. So, brainstorming ideas (structured brainstorming) is a valid episode format. Brand Building  Brand Deep Dives - Brand Development. Getcha Some Productions Getcha Some Guitar Getcha Some Gear 5432 Fun! Masters of the Universe Club The Handshake Oliver’s Musical Genius Mitochondriac Eros Pragma Perry Nice Local Musician Interviews Draft Business Plan Songwriting techniques YouTube Strategy Gear Discussions In Depth Book Reviews - Read Throughs Business Basics - LLC or Sole Prop Etc Corporate Mission Gut Check or Restatement (stay on target)!! Interview each other - Tell our stories Learn online marketing and teach everyone else and implement what we’ve learned! We actually have to fucking implement it! I think Dan is getting exhausted by my list at this point! LOL! Go big or go home, right? Stay tuned for the incoherent ramblings of a madman. Of course Dan is the voice of reason (and a comic relief) and he rightfully points out that my list is a very wide range of topics it would probably be a good idea to narrow it down a little bit. He points out that, probably, any one of those things could be grown into a successful Podcast let alone all them. So we should take into account our work life balance and how we choose to pursue the material that we covering

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