Semaj McDowell

Western Misconceptions of Islam & the Absence of Sound Strategy

Western Misconceptions of Islam & the Absence of Sound Strategy

The 21st Century calls for a new evaluation and approach to the United States' initiatives and agenda within the Muslim World. Although shedding important emphasis on historical trends and the overview of tensions and conflicts over time, Samuel Huntington's Clash of Civilizations and Francis Fukuyama's End of History theories are not as applicable in the current post-modern world. The Muslim world is not a monolith and the concept of Western liberal democracy may not be the sole solution to the instabilities of the Middle East North African region; however, if it is to be the solution, then it must happen domestically and naturally rather than artificial and externally. Special Guest Yahya Alshamy (refers to go by Alshamy) comes onto the Geopolitical Pivot in an extensive, knowledgeable discussion on the absence of a sound American strategy to the region. Together, we delve into some of the misconceptions of Islam the Western World has internalized. This internalization is followed by disastrous policies with monumental consequences that the world still endures today.

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