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Diving Into Business, Pleasure, and Motherhood with Toi Smith

Diving Into Business, Pleasure, and Motherhood with Toi Smith

Toi Smith helps business owners find the ease and flow required to create momentum that matters. One part strategist, one part project manager, Toi brings grounding, structure and form to ideas that are ready to fly. Whether she's setting up systems that you've needed since forever or helping you find your center, Toi is the go to advisor and manager for the most mindful entrepreneurs on the web. Toi lives in Denver, CO with her four boys where Black women are love and taking that seriously is the only way through. In this episode we talk about: How Toi got started in her business and how she shows upu as a mother and a business owner Toi's journey through her twenties and how all of her experiences led her to where she is now Showing up in small ways for yourself to help you make big shifts in your life What radical self-responsibility means and how it can help ou acknowlege and move your story forward Allowing yourself to feel the full measure of your emotions and hard days without making anything "bad" or "wrong" How pleasure, sexual expression, and sensuality can be radically claimed for yourself even if it looks messy to others Why Toi sees "empowerment culture" as a money maker because women have been devalued for so long and how she chooses to show up for herself Toi shares her projects The Game Changers Fund, a radical new way of funding projects and busiensses created by Black Women, and Black Women Are Love, which re-imagines the way the culture views Black Women For links to resources mentioned in the show notes checkout

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