Elsie Escobar and Rob Walch

Bonus: Glow!

Bonus: Glow!

Another BONUS episode and another acquisition! Libsyn has acquired Glow.FM and we have Founder Amira Valliani with inside scoop on what it is, who it’s for and why Libsyn! LINKS LINKS LINKS! Crowdcast Webinar with Amira from Glow.FM Interested in signing up for Glow? Fill out this form! Glow.FM Refer-o-Matic Glow.FM press release Join the Libsyn Beta Community TODAY! Audience feedback drives the show. We’d love for you to email us and keep the conversation going! Email thefeed@libsyn.com or call 412–573–1934. We’d love to hear from you! SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER HERE! Thank you to Nick from MicMe for our awesome intro! HELP US SPREAD THE WORD! We’d love it if you could please share The Feed with your Twitter followers. Click here to post a tweet! If you dug this episode, head over to Podchaser and kindly leave us a review and follow the show! Follow The Feed wherever you listen to audio! → Follow via Apple Podcasts → Follow via Google Podcasts → Follow via Spotify → Here’s our RSS feed! FEEDBACK AND PROMOTION ON THE SHOW You can ask your questions, make comments and create a segment about podcasting for podcasters! Let your voice be heard. Download The Feed App for iOS and Android Call 412–573–1934 Email thefeed@libsyn.com Use our Speakpipe Page Demystifying Visibility: Podcast Branding Beyond the Cover Art

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